Recovery Discs – Your Safety Net

It’s 10pm and your hard drive is making horrible noises…do you know where your recovery discs are? Recovery discs are your computer’s spare tire and jumper cables. If you have a hard drive die or get a bad virus infection, they are the primary tool needed to get your system back up and running. “But…didn’t those come with my computer?” you wonder. Probably not. Most computer manufacturers have chosen to leave the recovery discs up to the consumer to create, and instead ship with a “recovery Partition” on the hard drive.

The problem is… 1) people rarely get around to creating the recovery discs 2) that recovery partition won’t do you a lick of good if the whole hard drive is dying or infected. So the key is to have them ready before disaster strikes. How? Somewhere in your programs menu there should be an option to create recovery discs, though it may take some hunting to find it. Once you find it, you will be able to determine if you’ll need a pack of blank DVDs or what size USB drive you will need (given a choice, I prefer creating the latter!).

If you would like our help getting these made for peace of mind, give us a call. Having this safety net is one of the most important accessory to have with your computer, young or old.