Simple Wifi Tips

Did you know moving your router even a few inches can make a big difference in your signal? If you’ve noticed a particular device on your network is always getting a bad signal, you might try moving your router a little – sometimes this is all it takes to change the signal to broadcast in a slightly different pattern around your house. Other things you can do are making sure it’s not buried under other devices (which can shorten their lives due to heat), sitting next to a phone or microwave, or on the floor. (You’ll generally get better reception if the router is on a desk instead of the floor). Putting the router on a metal desk or up against a metal wall can cause problems as well. Signals can easily travel through a wood desk, but metal can cause obstruction, as can heavy, thick walls. Also, we recommend moving the antennas, if it has any, to the straight up position. If none of this helps there may be other factors at play, like your neighbor’s wifi signals. We can have a look and see what kind of culprits might be messing with your wifi, and get you back up to speed!