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PUPs – Cute name, disastrous results

You may never have heard of PUPs in relation to computers. PUP stands for Potentially Unwanted Program, and is considered a form of malware. While they are not quite the same thing as standard viruses, they’re still not a good thing and as always, once one baddie gets in the door, they often weaken it […]

Simple Wifi Tips

Did you know moving your router even a few inches can make a big difference in your signal? If you’ve noticed a particular device on your network is always getting a bad signal, you might try moving your router a little – sometimes this is all it takes to change the signal to broadcast in […]

Recovery Discs – Your Safety Net

It’s 10pm and your hard drive is making horrible noises…do you know where your recovery discs are? Recovery discs are your computer’s spare tire and jumper cables. If you have a hard drive die or get a bad virus infection, they are the primary tool needed to get your system back up and running. “But…didn’t […]

My Password Is Weak – So What?

Have you ever wondered why it’s actually important to have good passwords? You might think it’s not really a big deal to have a weak password for your email account. After all – let’s just say for the sake of argument you don’t have anything important in there. But if that email is connected to […]